• MumLyfe

Keeping our kids connected to our heritage

Being a proud 1st generation Tongan woman, i really want my kids to know where they're from. Growing up, we would go back to the islands and visit my grandmother almost every year. My mother would make sure we felt connected to not only the island but the family that still resided there. Tonga was always HOME. Now, i struggle with taking my own kids back. ITs hard enough now to find the time to get away as family let alone to find time to visit my island paradise. With my grandmother no longer there and family coming to visit so much more than when i ws growing up the need to go back is fading. Things have changed so dramatically in our beautiful island. With drugs and corruption at an all time high, i fear that the place i once knew is no longer existent.

For so many of us, sons of daughters of immigrants to this great country, our ties to our HOME are fading and fading fast. Once we fully attach ourselves to our new HOMEs what will be left of the HOMEs we once knew.

:( I want my kids to know the love that i knew.



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