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Dear Mum, its ok not to be ok!

As a Mum of two girls. One 13, and one only 6mths, i struggle with making everyone happy and making everything work!

Having two girls with two totally different needs sometimes is overwhelming. My teenage daughter, is an athlete and trains several times a week, but of course evenings are so essential in the development of a young child. So, keeping up our night time routine is almost impossible times. People say, it must be so nice to have a teenager that can help with the young one. But i don't want her to remember her teens, fills with dirty diapers and crying babies. Im trying to find the happy medium between, her pulling her weight, helping around the house and with the little one, and allowing to be a kid and get out and do what normal kids do.

So! Dear Mum, its ok not to be ok.

Its ok, leave the dishes and wash them in the morning.

Its ok, the baby can sleep an hour later than bedtime tonight.

As i write this, my little one is screaming!!! But why?? its midnight!!

Did i not feed her enough? Am i typing too loud? Did i have too much sugar, is my breast milk contaminating her and giving her a sugar high causing her to wake through the night? Will she wake the teen who has a game in the morning? Wait.......shouldn't i be asleep??? Did i say i would be asleep by ten? Well girlfriend, your two hours late!!!!

Its ok Mum, things always work out in the end.

Your doing a great job. Finish what your doing, and go to bed. xoxo



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